Friday, September 24, 2010

Peeping Tom Cat

Rylee wanted nothing more than a kitten for her birthday. We decided it wasnt the best time to get a pet, trying to sell a house and all but we promised her that when we moved into our new house we would reconsider. Well she talked about it nonstop, begged, pleaded, and PRAYED. This week....a cat has shown up at our house every day.
Every. Day!

It is a calico cat. No collar or anything. Very pretty looking golden orange, black and white. It is very skiddish around humans though so only comes around when we are inside the house. If we move to fast or are too loud, it takes off again. We have been leaving it milk and leftovers and Rylee named it 'Dewey' after a cat in a book we read together once.

I call him "Peeping Tomcat" because he just sits on the steps at our sliding glass door and watches us from outside :) But, if I get up too suddenly he takes off like he's scared to death. I dont know why or how this cat showed up...maybe it was her prayers being answered. I dont know how long Dewey will be here or if we will ever get within 5 feet of him but the kids are so happy that he is here. Rylee wants to and a I quote " catch that cat and put a leash on him so he will never run away"

....Elmira from Looney Toons always comes to mind when dealing with Rylee and pets...she wants to hold them and love them and squeeze them...

for now we are enjoying our daily/nightly visits from Dewey and we hope he follows us when we move!

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