Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pajama Day

It's pajama day at Pre-school for Rylee and Mackenzie.
They have been looking forward to this day. Rylee has fussed over which pajamas she will wear, which stuffed animal and blanket she will bring. And, she requested a flashlight too because "everyone is bringing one." It made me flash forward to when she is 13 for a minute but I quickly snapped back to reality. Thank the LORD.

So, she's ready for her big day. Pillow pet, blanket, flashlight and Fancy Nancy in hand ( in lieu of her American Girl Dolls). I think they are ready to go!
What a fun day. I think I will declare every Friday a pajama day...for myself.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kickin it Old School

Happy New year! ( two weeks late) and Happy Birthday to Brent who is 25 today!

Last week in Rylee's book bag I found a slip from Miss Marca about how Rylee will be giong to Kindergarten this year. How did that happen? How did it become 2011 and how is my baby girl 5? Ahhh! What was even more shocking was the application we got yesterday that I am to fill out to sign Baby Beckett up for Miss Marca's preschool class this fall too. It will be a bittersweet August and September. I know they are ready I just don't think I am!

Anyway, the pictures I posted above are actually drawings done by Rylee last week. Her first and favorite stuffed animal is Ella the elephant. She got her when she was still in my belly and has slept with her every night since she was born. It used to play music that would lull her to sleep in her crib but after many years and many nights her music doesn't play anymore but she is still loved and held very snuggly to Rylee every night :) She drew a picture of her the other day and I just had to frame it! Brinkley the dog is the stuffed animal that Beckett sleeps with every night and Rylee drew him for Beckett to hang up in his room too!

The other picture is of the pom-poms we made the other night. The 100th anniversary of the McLean County Tournament is coming up this weekend and the first round is played at TVHS. Rylee requested blue and gold pom-poms and we decided to make some together to cheer on Austin Schenkel and the Vikings at the game Saturday. We will try to make some in maroon and gold soon too!