Thursday, December 30, 2010

Will the real Taylor Swift please stand up?

Taylor Swift stopped by our house yesterday to sign autographs. She was stunning, but a lot shorter in person. She was a big hit with the crowd and is working on saving up her allowance for a guitar with sparkles all over it. She would also like to thank her fans for all of their support!

More Christmas Pictures

Blogger only lets me upload 5 pics at a time so we are not speaking to each other at the moment. I don’t like to choose which pictures to show and which to leave out! It’s too hard!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Time!

This year was my favorite Christmas! Both the kids were old enough to really get in to the whole Christmas season this year! We started our Christmas weekend off by packing up and spending the night at "Ya Ya's" house Thursday night. We met Greg, Brent and his dog Sloan there and had a nice time just watching Christmas specials on t.v., eating, talking and laughing! Friday morning the kids woke up bright and early and we pigged out on Krispy Creme donuts while mom started cooking the Christmas lunch feast. Present time was especially fun for the kids, of course! Rylee's favorite gift at Ya ya's was her American Girl Doll, Ruthie Smithens. Ruthie is Kit's best friend so she was very excited. Beckett loved his new scooter, nerf gun and wrestling guys! Just when we thought the excitement was over who should show up but the big man in red! That's right...Santa Clause came and we all sat on his lap. He gave us all a little gift to "hold us over until Christmas Morning" The kids were in awe of course! It was a great way to end a great celebration :) Later we went to Grandma and Grandpa Tractors house to celebrate with the Mosier side! We got to spend time with K.J. and the cousins even sat for a cute picture together. We opened presents first and Rylee was done in a matter of minutes because she was too excited to wait! She got some clothes for her AG dolls and camping stuff too! I cannot tell you how cute that stuff is! We will have a lot of fun playing with it! She also got a Dora Dollhouse and some new clothes, books, pajamas and legos just to name a few! Beckett's favorite gift by far was the remote control gator Grandpa picked out for him! I don't know who had more fun with it Josh, Todd, Beckett or Grandpa Rex :) It was great to see the reaction on Beckett's face when he opened it up! Josh got it on video and it is so sweet! After a wonderful dinner of soups and snacks we packed up to go to the Christmas Eve service at the church. The kids were both in it and a lot of our family showed up to watch them--even though it was blizzard like outside!
Rylee and Beckett both had a line to say into the microphone and they did so well!

Rylee: We tie our presents in ribbon like Jesus ties us in his love! Beckett: We LOVE Jesus
After that though, they had to get into costumes. Rylee was an Angel Beckett a sheep. But he was one tired little lamb and didn't want to go back up in front of everyone. So he sat with us in the pew and watched the rest of the program.
Christmas morning the kids got up and saw there specials that daddy had been building them in the garage. They each got a HUGE trunk to use for toys, games, blankets whatever they wanted. They thought these were pretty neat and we have them filled up already! Santa brought Rylee Roller skates ( and a helmet and pads) and she has been zipping around the house in them ever since! Beckett got the bat cave, Batman and Iron man that he asked for and has enjoyed playing with that these last few days.
After we took naps we headed over to Mamaw's for Christmas dinner with the Wyatt family. We had a lot of food, fun and laughter there too! We are so blessed to have such a great family! The love was definitely felt throughout the whole weekend. I am sad that Christmas is over because we love getting everyone together! We had a great Holiday and we love you all! I hope that this video works! If you fast forward to about 5:20 in you will see Beckett getting his Gator and BOY WAS HE EXCITED!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rylee wants to T-Y-P-E


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Potty Training!

After a 3 month hiatus from potty training the "Diaper Fairy" ( I imagine she is friends with the Tooth Fairy and the Pacifier Fairy) came and took all the diapers out of the house so Beckett had no choice but to wear "unnerwears!"
So far it has worked really well! It keeps us on our toes too because we don't want the mess to clean up! It certainly helps me to remind him to use the potty.

This is day 4 and yesterday was the first day he came to me and said when he had to go potty which was AWESOME! He got up Tuesday at 4 a.m. and used the potty then went back to bed. ... This morning he woke up at 6 a.m. and we sat him on the potty and he went again! He has woken up dry every night! It's so great! I think it is finally catching on! He has had a few accidents but we are so proud of him!

One funny story that he will hate me for later:
He likes to sit backwards on the potty. Both of our moms say they did this for their boys so I tried it and it worked like magic because A.) He can see what he is doing and B.) It doesnt spray pee everywhere ;)
Today he sat and started to pee and he said " I have a hole, Mom will you fix it!?!" He finally figured out where his pee was comnig from so I guess thats a good thing :)
I just had to share that with all of you!

p.s. dont worry I wont post any potty training pictures!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Bogey and Mae Mobley have become part of the family. They love to snuggle up with us, watch the snow from the glass door in the kitchen, climb the Christmas tree and beg for milk. The kids were both sick with the flu and they were very affectionate with both the kids. Beckett got better a lot faster than Rylee and the kittens never left her side. It was so sweet.
Dewey is still around and we love her too. We still don't know who she belongs to or if she really is pregnant. She is waiting for us at the door in the morning and comes back throughout the day. She is here all night too and has been sleeping in the garage since it has gotten colder. Her and Bogey seem to be in love. You can tell from the pictures that they are fond of each other. They just lay up against the sliding glass door or purr at each other. Mae Mobley just hisses at Dewey but she's harmless. I have tried to get them to meet fur to fur but Dewey is skiddish and runs away. She likes to keep people guessing. She's my kinda gal ;) We were a happy home before the kittens but having them in the house has made us all a little happier and has just added to the love. The kids have learned to care for a pet(s) and they like to help out with the food and water--even for Dewey. They have learned to be patient and careful and gentle...Beckett hasn't asked to punch one of the cats in a while and has never acted on it. He has pulled a tail a few times but Bogey objected last time and I think he learned his lesson.

Now if I could just get one of them to clean out the litter box...

what a week!

Here is a recap of the week following Thanksgiving ! It's been NUTS.

1.) I braved the Black Friday crowds and made it home in one piece!
2.) I was a back up sitter Monday and Tuesday and had 7 kids here!
3.) On day two of extra kids, a closet door fell on my first born child and she was rushed to the doctors office for what I thought for sure would be stitches.
4.) Thank goodness for Wendy being so flexible and both Wendy and Mamaw for staying with the kids so I could take said child to the dr.!
5.)Thank the good LORD above, she only had to get "dermabond" on her ouchie and it is healing nicely
6.) my first born child is a lot braver than me I bawled like a baby...for two days off and on.
7.) okay it may have been two and half days straight.
8.) Thursday our 2nd born child woke at 2 a.m. with the flu
9.) Our already wounded but very brave first born child started throwing up at 11:00 a.m. and continued to get sick until about 9:00 p.m.
10.) The kittens both loved on the kids when they were sick. They rarely left Rylee's side.
11.) I cried some more because I felt bad for them. Especially Rylee who had been through so much already this week!
12.) The kids bounced back Friday afternoon but their appetite is still not up to par.
13.) Today (Saturday) the SNOW made them so happy! We went sledding at the Country Club for a whole 7 minutes before we decided maybe we should just go home and play in the backyard.
14.) we played in the snow and let the kittens out in it to see what they would do. They weren't fond of it. at all.
15.) Rylee spent 2 hours at the kitchen table tonight recreating the illustrations out of a book she likes to read. It was very detailed and she did such a good job!
16.) Beckett didn't run away from MALL SANTA today! He ran up to him and said "I want a Batman and an Iron Man" Rylee said she wanted a Dora Dollhouse. . . Guess I'm taking back the roller skates she said she wanted last week...
17.)I'm pretty sure the stray cat that we love is knocked up. this is a problem because a.) we have 2 cats already and b.) its the winter so every time she comes up to the door I am trying new ways to trick her into the garage so I know she is warm. It helps me sleep better at night. It worked for 3 straight nights.
18.) Bogey is in love with Dewey so I think I need to call the vet and get our cats fixed...
19.) Cassie moved back to STL and I miss her already.
20.) I have 90% of my Christmas shopping done!