Saturday, December 4, 2010


Bogey and Mae Mobley have become part of the family. They love to snuggle up with us, watch the snow from the glass door in the kitchen, climb the Christmas tree and beg for milk. The kids were both sick with the flu and they were very affectionate with both the kids. Beckett got better a lot faster than Rylee and the kittens never left her side. It was so sweet.
Dewey is still around and we love her too. We still don't know who she belongs to or if she really is pregnant. She is waiting for us at the door in the morning and comes back throughout the day. She is here all night too and has been sleeping in the garage since it has gotten colder. Her and Bogey seem to be in love. You can tell from the pictures that they are fond of each other. They just lay up against the sliding glass door or purr at each other. Mae Mobley just hisses at Dewey but she's harmless. I have tried to get them to meet fur to fur but Dewey is skiddish and runs away. She likes to keep people guessing. She's my kinda gal ;) We were a happy home before the kittens but having them in the house has made us all a little happier and has just added to the love. The kids have learned to care for a pet(s) and they like to help out with the food and water--even for Dewey. They have learned to be patient and careful and gentle...Beckett hasn't asked to punch one of the cats in a while and has never acted on it. He has pulled a tail a few times but Bogey objected last time and I think he learned his lesson.

Now if I could just get one of them to clean out the litter box...

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