Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars 2011

Rylee likes to dress up and pretend to present awards when award show are on. This time she got really into for the Oscars. We painted our nails. Red, purple and yellow. She put on a fancy dress and shoes and we drank sparking grape juice! Here are some pics of our fun filled night :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flat Stanley

I bought the kids the book "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown and they loved it instantly! It is about a normal boy named Stanley Lambchop who gets flattened ( but unharmed) after his bulletin board fell on top of him.
He gets to enter rooms by going under the doors, he even gets mailed to California for vacation. He is a kite for his brother, Arthur and nabs some art thieves at the Museum of Art!

Stanley's adventures left smiles on all 4 kids faces. Their imaginations were definitely hard at work!

I decided to read up on the "Flat Stanley Project" online. Instead of mailing a Flat Stanley to a pen pal, the kids wanted to make a Flat Rylee, Beckett, Kenzie and Chloe to mail out!

Flat Mackenzie and Flat Chloe will be going to see Aunt Cassie and Emma in New Jersey for a week. While there, Cassie will take them everywhere and send them back with pictures and a little letter about their adventures!

Flat Rylee and Flat Beckett are going to see Uncle Brent for a week because apparently they think a place that is 1.5 hours away is pretty adventurous! More than that, I think they know that Brent and his friends are pretty entertaining and that Flat Rylee and Flat Beckett will be anything but bored.

The kids had so much fun coloring and choosing what they wanted their flat selves to look like.

Stay tuned ....


Aaaaannnnnnd heeeeerrrre theeeeyyyy aaaaarrrreeee!
In no particular order:

Flat Rylee, Flat Mackenzie, Flat Chloe and Flat Beckett ready to MAIL off into the sunset! We are off to the post office to send them on their way!

Which is Which and Who is Who?

Can you guess who these Flat People are?

I'll give you a hint ...
1.) The first little lady loves dancing, drawing, books and sparkle. She's a big sister with a big love for kittens!
2.) The littlest lady in our "group" loves her Bear-Bear and can talk in sentences now! She may be little but she is usually the star of the show.
3.)The third Flat is the only boy most days but doesn't mind because he is the loudest! He loves Batman and balls too!
4.) The second Flat is quite a character! She loves to Cheer and tell knock knock jokes! She is a big sister too and takes her job very seriously.