Monday, November 22, 2010

Skating with the Celebrylee's

Skating with the Celebrities began tonight. I was only excited because I like Bethenny Frankel but Frankel-y ( see what I did there? Nice word play, huh?) I didn't make it past the first couple of minutes because it was more like a sideshow of Bravo Reality Series Audition rejects. Especially the judges.. . yech!
Anyway--Rylee was pretty excited to see the ice skaters because skating has become her new obsession. This obsession started last month when mom and I took her to "Disney Princesses on Ice." Anyway, she was happy to see the skating but she was more excited to act it all out. So--the pictures above show what Miss Rylee came up with after seeing the first skaters outfit.
Yes, that is an Ariel bathing suit bottom, a Sleeping Beauty dress up top, high heel shoes, a headband and a magic wand!
Don't mind Beckett in the background with the Cinderella high heels those were his "ice skates" he was in to it because of the loud noise he could make with his "skates" in the kitchen--OF COURSE!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A kitten update

Bogey and Mae Mobley are doing well! They are both really good cats and so far--no shedding which I LOVE. They usually start to let us know they are awake around 6:30 A.M. one of us feeds them and lets them digest before the kids wake up and start chasing them around. Mae Mobely is still the more active/ornery one. She likes to chase, hunt, jump and get toes. She is really loving when she wants to be though. At least once a night she will find someones lap to settle down on from about 5 to 6:30 and take a little nap. Last night she chose Becketts lap. He was so happy! I snapped some pictures of the two orneriest people in our house snuggling together.
Bogey is very laid back. He is playful at different times of the day but he most enjoys observing and finding places to take naps on that arent near any of the four children that love him to bits! He is more snuggly than Mae Mobley and likes to be carried like a baby a lot. Rylee eats that up of course!
Dewey is still around too! She greets us every morning on our steps and every night before dark she pops up to eat again. There was a good stretch of time where she just hung out in our backyard all day but now that it has gotten colder, she must have found a place to keep warm because she only comes around about twice a day. She loves to watch us through the glass door. We get to pet her now which was a HUGE deal here the first time it happened. Bogey loves her and stares at her and presses his body up against the window. Mae, hisses at her because Mae thinks shes a huge lion.
Anyway, that is what's going on with the kitties lately!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We are "Uncle" and "Aunt" now

Sarah and Jeremy have now joined us in the "Parents Club!" She was induced yesterday and after a looonng day Kasen Jeremy "KJ" arrived a little after 7 p.m. He weighed 7 lbs. even and is 20 inches long. Josh and I were lucky enough to be in the waiting room when he arrived and got to meet our nephew about an hour after he came into the world. He was very cuddly and sweet and for a minute I thought about running off with him...but, people tend to look down upon that so I handed him back to his parents. Rylee and Beckett can't wait to meet him, when they all get home from the hospital and "settled."
The holidays will be a lot of fun this year! Congrats to Jeremy and Sarah and welcome to the world Kasen!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


First things first: "White Christmas" was a huge hit! I had some teachers come up to me and say it was the best one they had seen ;) The students all had a lot of fun with it and in it and I think that is what made it so great! There were 47 cast members and 201 costumes! Because of all this, I was very busy backstage getting the girls in their outfits and making sure no one missed their cues. Rylee LOVED everything about being involved with this! She was very professional about being a train passenger and didn't even wave back at Beckett opening night when she was up there! The cast loved her and were so great with her. She made friendship bracelets backstage and played barbies with the girls. It was a great experience for both of us! I am sad that it is over but I am glad to have some down time!

Now that it has cooled off outside we have been doing a lot of family things inside. The kids LOVE when we build them forts. Last week I built one in Rylee's room and she decided it looked like a rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. She reinacted the whole movie with helo from costars Beckett and Mackenzie.
It was very cute and made me wish I was a kid again with that kind of imagination!

Reading books at night has always been a bit of a ritual here. Now that Rylee has a few books that she knows from memory she reads to Beckett every night. It is very sweet to see them share their favorite stories together and bond in that way.

The kittens are stll doing well. They are growing quickly! Bogey is a snuggler. He loves to be on a lap--when he is tired he enjoys curling up on Josh's shoulder. Mae Mobley only rests for short periods of time and usually hide under Beckett's bed when she's tired. She is a sweetheart too but she has a little more attitude. She always starts the "fights" between her and Bogey and is always trying to chase and jump. It is a lot of fun to watch the kids interact with them! There is never a dull moment here in the Mosier House :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treating

The kids got to get in their halloween costumes first thing yesterday. Their Sunday School class sang at church all dressed up in their get ups. Beckett didn't want to dress up at all. He was Buzz Lightyear this year and was pretty excited about it at first but then when the time came to put his costume on-- he was not having it. I finally bribed him with a Twix bar at 9:00 in the morning so that we could ge thim dressed and ready for church by 9:30-- yeah, I'm a horrible mother for giving him chocolate that early but it was the last resort and it worked!
Later that evening we went trick or treating. We started at Mamaw and Papaws, went to Unlce Lester and Aunt Kathy's, stopped by Granny's spooky house and ventured across the street to see baby Nevaeh. Nevaeh and Beckett just stared at each other in their costumes. Nevaeh couldn't figure him out :) She was a cute little monkey and seemed to enjoy playing with wrapped candy :) After that, it was dark by then and getting cold. Beckett was about over this whole halloween deal so we decided to stop by Mawmaw and Pawpaw Tractors house and call it a night!

Oh, and sidenote: I was so mad at my camera for taking such crappy pictures. So Josh, if you are reading this, all I want for Christmas is a camera that works! ;)

I cannot believe that October is over but I am getting so excited for the Holiday season!