Monday, November 22, 2010

Skating with the Celebrylee's

Skating with the Celebrities began tonight. I was only excited because I like Bethenny Frankel but Frankel-y ( see what I did there? Nice word play, huh?) I didn't make it past the first couple of minutes because it was more like a sideshow of Bravo Reality Series Audition rejects. Especially the judges.. . yech!
Anyway--Rylee was pretty excited to see the ice skaters because skating has become her new obsession. This obsession started last month when mom and I took her to "Disney Princesses on Ice." Anyway, she was happy to see the skating but she was more excited to act it all out. So--the pictures above show what Miss Rylee came up with after seeing the first skaters outfit.
Yes, that is an Ariel bathing suit bottom, a Sleeping Beauty dress up top, high heel shoes, a headband and a magic wand!
Don't mind Beckett in the background with the Cinderella high heels those were his "ice skates" he was in to it because of the loud noise he could make with his "skates" in the kitchen--OF COURSE!

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