Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun around town continued

More of our mini photo session

Fun around town

This is what I make my kids do while daddy is golfing...
In all seriousness they loved it. Especially Rylee who is turning into quite the little model/poser. Beckett was along for the ride and did a great job cheesin. We had a great time finding spots around town that we don't normally notice. Even Rylee was on the prowl for some good scenery and back drops :) I hope you enjoyed them!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

STL or Bust!

Last weekend Josh and I went to a Cardinals game with Mom, Greg, Brent and Maggie. The 6 if us had so much fun on our road trip and are going to try and do this every year now. And ...the cherry on top is that the Cardinals beat the Giants!
Thanks for a great weekend!

The Festival's In Town

The Fall Festival rolled into town last week and the kids had a great time enjoying the rides this year! This was the first year that they were both able to ride all of the kiddie rides. They both enjoyed the "Wiggly Worm" ride and the "Flying Elephants". Beckett's favorite was the "Trucks" and Rylee loved the Ferris Wheel and the Big Slide. This was the first year that I felt a little emotional about how Rylee is so independent and can ride most of the rides by herself. She is growing up so fast!
The Fall Festival is something Josh and I both went to every year growing up. It usually marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. It is nice that we can now take our kids there to experience what we did!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's time to play

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night worrying about something you can do NOTHING about at that moment? You obsess and worry and think and toss and turn... Well, that was me last night. I started thinking about how, lately, I have been working, cleaning, studying, planning a birthday party, cooking, scheduling, and cleaning some more. I started feeling terrible about how I haven't played with my kids very often lately and the guilt just kept coming! They are growing up so fast and I need to prioritize a little better! Although everything I do I do for them, I am not REALLY enjoying my time at home here lately because I am so busy! So today I am going to start playing more! I am going to let the sink fill up with dishes, I will let their rooms get messy and I may let the laundry pile up too. I will leave those phone calls I HAVE to make for when they are napping and I will turn off my cell phone and the computer all together. I will just ENJOY these wonderful little people that God has blessed me with. They are growing up so fast and I want to take in every second of the time that they are little before they don't want to play with ME anymore. They really are fantastic kids and I love hearing them tell me stories, or eavesdropping when they play "mommy and daddy" or reinact an episode of Dora the Explorer. So, if you happen to pop in this week and the house looks horrendous, it's because I was spending the day how I am suppose to spend the day --Playing with my kids!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Boy Beckett!

B is officially done with his "sassy!" above is the last known picture of him and his infamous mouthpiece. He did a lot better than we thought he would, he cried and cried for it at first just when he was tired or upset. Now he goes to bed fine without it and has only asked for it twice in the last week!
His newest focus has shifted to potty training.He just started going with the flow so to speak. Everytime he sits and goes, he gets to pick a hotwheel or matchbox car out of this huge sack that was given to us from Grandpa Arlo's house. He is starting to catch on and got 7 new cars this weekend!

It's a's a's Super Rylee!

Sometime ago our pinkalicious flaunting, fancy nancy loving, princess talking daughter requested a "Super Hero" party for her 5th birthday! I figured she would change her mind a thousand times before it came time to start planning for her big day but much to my surprise she has not forgotten her original plan! She wants to watch one of her favorite movies "Sky High" and have her friends and family celebrate at the theatre here in our town. "Sky High" is a super hero movie she started loving at the age of two. I know you all remember her "Spider man" phase... that dvd was set on replay here at our house :)Around that same time, we just happened to find "Sky High" on t.v. one night and she went nuts for Will Stronghold and his superhero friends. "HIGH SKY MOVIE HIGH SKY MOVIE" she would say everyday! I am having so much fun planning this SUPER party, there are just so many ideas in my head, I need to get to work soon! I hope to see you all there!

Dog Days of Summer

It is so hard to believe that it is August! This summer flew by and was very busy and exciting. With four weddings, family reunions,listing our house, cook outs, play dates, tee ball and birthdays the summer of 2010 was definitely eventful!Beckett saw his first movie at the movie theater, got rid of his sassy and is now working on potty training! Rylee played T-ball, master the swingset and became a fish in the pool. Josh and I picked out our house plans and our friend is drawing them up for us. The completed plans should be done soon! We are now just enjoying our last weeks of summer by doing as little as possible!