Monday, August 9, 2010

It's a's a's Super Rylee!

Sometime ago our pinkalicious flaunting, fancy nancy loving, princess talking daughter requested a "Super Hero" party for her 5th birthday! I figured she would change her mind a thousand times before it came time to start planning for her big day but much to my surprise she has not forgotten her original plan! She wants to watch one of her favorite movies "Sky High" and have her friends and family celebrate at the theatre here in our town. "Sky High" is a super hero movie she started loving at the age of two. I know you all remember her "Spider man" phase... that dvd was set on replay here at our house :)Around that same time, we just happened to find "Sky High" on t.v. one night and she went nuts for Will Stronghold and his superhero friends. "HIGH SKY MOVIE HIGH SKY MOVIE" she would say everyday! I am having so much fun planning this SUPER party, there are just so many ideas in my head, I need to get to work soon! I hope to see you all there!

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Maggie said...

You should buy some gardening gloves or the big yellow cleaning gloves and either spray-paint them to match your colors or leave 'em. I thought about doing this when I believed I could attend =(