Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Time!

This year was my favorite Christmas! Both the kids were old enough to really get in to the whole Christmas season this year! We started our Christmas weekend off by packing up and spending the night at "Ya Ya's" house Thursday night. We met Greg, Brent and his dog Sloan there and had a nice time just watching Christmas specials on t.v., eating, talking and laughing! Friday morning the kids woke up bright and early and we pigged out on Krispy Creme donuts while mom started cooking the Christmas lunch feast. Present time was especially fun for the kids, of course! Rylee's favorite gift at Ya ya's was her American Girl Doll, Ruthie Smithens. Ruthie is Kit's best friend so she was very excited. Beckett loved his new scooter, nerf gun and wrestling guys! Just when we thought the excitement was over who should show up but the big man in red! That's right...Santa Clause came and we all sat on his lap. He gave us all a little gift to "hold us over until Christmas Morning" The kids were in awe of course! It was a great way to end a great celebration :) Later we went to Grandma and Grandpa Tractors house to celebrate with the Mosier side! We got to spend time with K.J. and the cousins even sat for a cute picture together. We opened presents first and Rylee was done in a matter of minutes because she was too excited to wait! She got some clothes for her AG dolls and camping stuff too! I cannot tell you how cute that stuff is! We will have a lot of fun playing with it! She also got a Dora Dollhouse and some new clothes, books, pajamas and legos just to name a few! Beckett's favorite gift by far was the remote control gator Grandpa picked out for him! I don't know who had more fun with it Josh, Todd, Beckett or Grandpa Rex :) It was great to see the reaction on Beckett's face when he opened it up! Josh got it on video and it is so sweet! After a wonderful dinner of soups and snacks we packed up to go to the Christmas Eve service at the church. The kids were both in it and a lot of our family showed up to watch them--even though it was blizzard like outside!
Rylee and Beckett both had a line to say into the microphone and they did so well!

Rylee: We tie our presents in ribbon like Jesus ties us in his love! Beckett: We LOVE Jesus
After that though, they had to get into costumes. Rylee was an Angel Beckett a sheep. But he was one tired little lamb and didn't want to go back up in front of everyone. So he sat with us in the pew and watched the rest of the program.
Christmas morning the kids got up and saw there specials that daddy had been building them in the garage. They each got a HUGE trunk to use for toys, games, blankets whatever they wanted. They thought these were pretty neat and we have them filled up already! Santa brought Rylee Roller skates ( and a helmet and pads) and she has been zipping around the house in them ever since! Beckett got the bat cave, Batman and Iron man that he asked for and has enjoyed playing with that these last few days.
After we took naps we headed over to Mamaw's for Christmas dinner with the Wyatt family. We had a lot of food, fun and laughter there too! We are so blessed to have such a great family! The love was definitely felt throughout the whole weekend. I am sad that Christmas is over because we love getting everyone together! We had a great Holiday and we love you all! I hope that this video works! If you fast forward to about 5:20 in you will see Beckett getting his Gator and BOY WAS HE EXCITED!

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