Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camping Trip

Over the Labor Day weekend we decided to pack up the camper and head for Moraine View. Rylee still remembers our 1st trip there 2 years ago and asked several times this year to go. I decided to make a lot of the food ahead of time this year so that all we had to worry about was what we wanted to cook over the fire. We got there about 5:30 on Friday night and the kids were off the wall crazy. They were so excited and it took the better part of the evening to get them to calm down long enough to eat. I think the other campers trying to enjoy a quiet relaxing weekend probably wanted to kill us. BUT they had so much fun! We sang campfire songs, went for a nature walk, played card games and UNO MOO (which is the kids new favorite game)and went fishing! The kids liked finding acorns on the ground and popping the tops off of them -- hey, whatever works--! We had such a great time together just the four of us. We laughed a lot and cuddled by the campfire. My favorite moment was of Rylee playing with the worms and actually touching the fish that they caught! She is such a brave little girl! Beckett loved going in the woods to get fire wood with Josh and had the best time just running around outside! We all slept great both nights and it was so nice to just be with each other with no phones or computers or t.v.! By Sunday morning we were ready to be back home but we enjoyed every second of our trip! We hope to do it again next year :)

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