Wednesday, September 8, 2010

she will hate me for this later

One of Rylee's best friends is ...well we will call him "Joe" from pre-school. They met up a lot this summer for picnics, sprinkler fun and playdates at the park. They were both excited when they found out the other one was on their tee ball team! They have a blast together and when she is with him its like she is finally a kid. She doesn't feel like she has to keep all the younger kids in line like she sometimes does. She runs and laughs and plays and smiles and its wonderful! So, when she wanted to start planning her Superhero Birthday party..."Joe" was on the top of her invite list. Now mind you, all her other friends are girls so I tried to tell her as best I could that "Joe" may not want to come to a girly birthday party and that that was okay, she would still have fun! But you know Rylee...she just KNEW "Joe" HAD to be at her party. Well stop the presses because he R.S.V.P'd this afternoon and her little buddy is coming! She is more excited about this than she was meeting Ariel in Disney World and you all know how exciting that was for her!
So...I am writing it here on my blog and I am writing it in her baby book so that one day when she's about 12 I can say "remember that year you turned 5 and you wished so badly that "Joe" would come to your party?" .... she will hate me for this later but she is so psyched now!
I'll keep you updated!

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