Friday, September 24, 2010

Pumpkin Farm Fun

Last weekend Josh took a break from harvest and took us on a family date to Rader Farms! We had such a great afternoon there and we already decided we would go back next month. The farm has a lot of things for families to do together. They loved getting pulled behind a tractor on the caterpillar ride and the little kids town they had set up was so cute! The kids played in the little grocery store and post office for a long time while Josh and I just sat and relaxed and watched them play. They enjoyed the petting zoo and seeing Murphy, the old donkey. They also got to play on a "pillow jump" which is like a bounce house but flatter. Josh helped them climb up the strawstacks and I took a quick pic before B looked down and got freaked out about how high up he was :) We ended the day by picking out our pumpkins!

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