Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday Girl

I cannot believe it but our little girl is 5! This birthday has been creeping up on me for months now. I have cried more tears over her turning 5 than I care to talk about. It fills me with joy that she is happy and healthy and so bright and wonderful. I thank God for blessing me with someone who is so much like me and so much like Josh all in one. She has the best of both of us; from my dramatics and love of reading, writing and learning to Josh's fearlessness and love of art and puzzles and figuring things out for herself. She is the best little girl and God hand picked and hand made the perfect daughter for us.
She makes me laugh every day and she still amazes us with the things that she says and knows. She has such a big heart and cares about all people and animals and bugs :) It has been so fun watching her grow and I look forward to the little lady she will become. I was only 22 when I had her so in a way, I feel like we are growing up together sometimes. It's been a wonderful ride and I know it will continue to be.
I want to always remember how she cannot clearly pronounce the letter R, how she loves all stuffed animals and books. The millions of questions she asks when she has discovered something new. The way she gets up in the morning with her 2 pink blankets and 5 or 6 stuffed animals and dolls and carries them all with her out to the living room where she lays on the couch and snuggles with them until she is fully awake. I want to always remember how she holds those two pink blanky's up to her little nose and buries her face in them when she is tired. I want to always remember the way she spends hours at a time up at the kitchen table drawing and coloring and creating. The way she dances and twirls in her dress up clothes and how much she loves wearing my shoes, purses and sunglasses. I want to always remember the time the two of us share together at bed time every night when we read a chapter out of the library book she chose that week. I will remember always the way she looks at her daddy when he plays the part of the Prince or King. Or, how she looks at me like I can do anything. I love the way she is with her brother and I know their bond will only get deeper. I want to always remember the way her eyes lit up and her mouth dropped when she met all the princesses at Disney World. I will remember always the sounds of her first cry how we looked into eachothers eyes and how we instantly fell in love. The nights I spent in the rocking chair singing and talking her to sleep. I want to always remember how excited she gets over the smallest things. I will always remember the little things even more than the big ones!
I love you Rylee! Happy Birthday my little Ladybug Girl!

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Anonymous said...

My greatest joy is being Rylee & Beckett's YA-YA! I say with much pride "Brookie i'm so proud of the mother you are " Josh, thank you for being so good to my daughter and grandbabies!

Love you all!
mom xxoo