Thursday, October 7, 2010


There were so many great things about this trip. The pictures just highlight a few of the amazing things we got to do. It was a great oppertunity and the Weber's were so great to invite us and let us see what Boston and NECA are all about. Besides walking around the convention's trade show, we did the touristy thing and went on Trolley Tours which was a lot of fun. From the financial district and it's sky scrapers to the historical buildings like the Paul Revere house and the USS Constitution ship were all wonderful! The first night we were there NECA rented the 450 people in our group buses to Jillian's for a "Grand Slam Night Out." This restaurant bar is 4 stories and is right next to Fenway. The Red Sox were hosting the Yankees that night and the energy of the city when such a rivalry is taking place is amazing! Each floor of Jillians had food, drinks, and entertainment. We went bowling and explored the floors-- there were fortune tellars, a cigar bar, artists and New England Patriots Cheerleaders just for starters. The food was made by celebrity chef Bill Starubuck who caters celeb weddings like Jen and Brad's ;) The next day while Josh had seminars with John, I had a date with Jack-- I took myself to see the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. It was really neat to see documents from the White House and etters from JFK and Jacqueline, not to mention her jewelry and dresses from the campaign and the White House. It was a great museum and right on the Harbor so it was really pretty and something I will never forget!
My favorite part of Boston was the North End. This is the "Little Italy" part of the city where there are over 100 Italian restaurants and lots of little cafe's and pastry shops. My favorite being Mike's Pastry which is where we all got their famous cannoli's. The line was down the street for these pastries but the people were locals and tourists alike so we knew we were in the presence of something great. The line went pretty quickly and we were somehow able to wait until we were back in our rooms to eat them all up...yum-o! I cannot say enough good things about the little party in my mouth from the cannoli's :) We also got to take in all the older buildings that are so well maintained and taken care of. Davide's is in the North End and is an Italian Ristorante owned by two brothers and their father. The wife also works there and we were told she hand rolled the noodles the night before for our party the next evening. It was amazing food--5 courses and all the wine in the world. I have never been so full in my life but we all had a great time!
There were also Italian waiters who placed the napkins on the laps of the women and called us Senora's and spoke to us in Italian. I could have sat and listened to them speak for hours! Such a neat experience!
Of course all the other parts of the city were pretty awesome too. Beacon Hill is where the wealthier people live. Includuing some authors and John Kerry. We saw the secret passageway of Acorn St. which is a cobblestone alley and the most photographed street in America. Oh and we couldn't have gone to Boston without eating Chowda (amazing) and Lobstah ( 2.25 1bs lobsters to be exact. um..not us, Josh's boss....) And seeing Fenway and the Cheers bar! My favorite parts were just getting lost around the city with Josh and listening to that authentic Boston accent.

Everything was so amazing and I can't wait to go back...this time I'm taking the kids ;)

Thanks to everyone who took care of our little ones while we were away. It was nice to know that they were in such good hands! We are so blessed to have such a great group of family and friends. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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