Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Kittens

The kids finally convinced us that it was time to get a pet kitten. Aunt Roxannes cats had each had a litter so we took the kids over to her farm last night to pick out one kitten. Big sister wanted a girl cat and little brother wanted a boy cat. We decided we would just let them pick one and we wouldnt tell them if it was a boy or a girl...see we were thinking! As soon as we walked in -- "Princess" as Aunt Roxanne had called her, ran over to us. She is 7 weeks old and was abandoned by her mommy when she was very little. Aunt Roxanne worked with her and this little fighter survived and started to nurse off of another mommy cat who had just had kitties too. Rylee immediately took to this fiesty little sweetheart! Beckett on the other hand ran right to a tuxedo kitten with a really cute white mark around its leg. There were 2 other kittens that were also black and white but Beckett loved this ONE and he kept telling me when I would put it down "no, mommy dont put that down that kitten is coming home with me" ... Then Rylee said "No mommy I want this one...she's a girl!" well after about 30 minutes Josh finally said "just put em both in the truck" :) And so that is how our kids suckered us in to getting 2 kittens. A girl and a boy. We named the boy Bogey and the girl Mae Mobley. Bogey is a golf referance and Mae Mobley is a character in the book "The Help" who has a lot of the same traits and personality as our fighter of a kitten.
Bogey is very snuggly. He prefers to be on our chest or shoulder and he purrs all the time. He also likes his belly rubbed and is very patient with Mae Mobley when she's tackling him and chasing his tail. Mae Mobley loves to follow toes and is always looking for something to chase or tackle. She is fiesty but very sweet. She likes when we pet her and she enjoys being the center of attention. Because she was abandoned she always acts like her next meal is her last one so she will growl at Bogey ( yes growl!! ) if he tries to intervene. We will be getting him his own bowl today :) she's territorial for sure! and he is such a gentleman :)

Both kittens are litter trained thank goodness! They took to their litter box here like pros! The only meowed for us once and that was when Josh's alarm clock went off this morning. They were ready to play! The kids are doing really well with them. They know when the kitties are done being held and played with so they back off which is great for us and them ! We will keep you updated! I will try to post pics of the kids with them once I can get the four of them to sit still!

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