Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In my free time or what I like to call “the time when I am not pulling my hair out and all of the kids are content enough for me to get something other than laundry and dishes done” I have been planning Beckett’s 3rd birthday party! He is at the age where he KNOWS his birthday is coming up and he HATES that his friends Chloe and Jordan have birthdays a couple of weeks before his because he gets so confused!
I am having the best time planning this party and I think it will be fun for all ages!

I will give you some hints as to what his theme is:

A superhero who drives a certain mobile and has a side kick with a bird name.


which cracks us up because he has never see any of the Batman movies and has only caught a few batman cartoons on t.v. He DID watch a very old school Batman and Robin Movie that we caught on STARZ one day.

No, not this one:

This one:

He cracks up at the line "Holy Halloween, Batman!"

He occasionally throws in thet fact that he wants Spiderman too so we will see what shakes out.
All I know is that it will be fun and entertaining and I am praying for nice weather that day !
I hope to see you there! Now I am off to do laundry or dishes.

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